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Owen workshop

Chromatic Harmonica is an unique music instrument. It not only has all the chromatic note like others instrument, the playing pattern for blow and draw note will bring you to find out a single breath can be a colorful world.

As the design for the reeds are long to short from low octave to high octave, it need to adjust the  gaping to make it sounds smooth and loud. This part where passion and heart make music alive.

To achieve the optimum level of this instrument, a customize reedplate need to be done. The desire play a part to push passion and careful on every design and single note. In the result, you will discover the customize reedplate are out of your expectation and it can let you change your colorful world to wonderful world.

For every second that it spend, the result wll tell the worth of the time spend. If you serious on powerful sound, sweet tone and control level, you will love this craftsmanship.

Love what you do and do what you love.

Best Regards,

Owen Ho

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