It’s amazing that I have found this instrument in my life; it has changed my life since I started playing it. I never thought of doing anything great or marvellous, but I think when I first got in touch with the chromatic harmonica, I felt that it was easy to learn, carry and play. At that point, my life turned into an exciting, adventurous journey.
At first, I never thought that I could go overseas to take part in an international competition, but, when you are ready, well, there is always a chance for people who are ready. I feel so lucky to have won the international competition. But I never stopped there, because I feel that it shouldn’t be the end for me after the competition. Apart from having a lot of performances, I also met a lot of friends from around the world. The next exciting thing that has happened to me is I attended a university to study music, with full scholarship support as the university had seen all of my competition results. It is like a gift to let me study and understand more about music. I have learned a lot from my university, and it has changed my understanding of the music world. Before I entered university, I only understood the harmonica, but the music world is so huge, there are so many different musical instruments and styles, of which, the harmonica is only a part. It makes me think further about how to develop and promote this instrument.
Music does connect to people, no matter who you are. I have created a chromatic harmonica Bachelor’s program at my university, and I think this is awesome as this instrument really needs a systematic program to promote it. Chromatic harmonica is truly a serious musical instrument; it can do many things people have never heard before with its unique tone. I wish others could enjoy it and have a better understanding when they listen to this album.

HarmonicArt Album